Monthly Archives: July 2010

Bohemian backpacking with four stars

The Prague Post The atmosphere of a youth hostel with the comfort of a hotel The word “mosaic” conjures up the image of vibrant blended colors and materials combining different elements to create an interesting whole. The newly opened Mosaic House hotel has stayed true to its name with an interior design that creates a… Read more »

Easy renovation done the right way

The Prague Post Make yourself at home with stylish, cost-saving touch-ups If your home is your castle, of course the interior should be fit for a king (or queen). Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been there for years, at some point you may be ready for a change. While there is no end… Read more »

Perceptions of Perception

The Prague Post Artist ponders how we see things in hybrid creation “How can I do an art piece about perception when I don’t understand what it is?” Artist Karim Talaat asked himself as he began work on his master’s thesis for the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design. Talaat may have answered his own… Read more »

Czech Republic: The wine towns of Valtice and Lednice The Czech Republic is way more than just Prague. Unfortunately, few people venture out into the lovely countryside, spending their holiday just in the city, or perhaps popping out to a nearby castle. To truly experience the country, (or any country) you must leave the “big” city and explore the smaller towns and the… Read more »

Not your mother’s wedding dress

The Prague Post Vietnamese designer bucks tradition with a splash of color Walking into Mimi Lan’s Prague 1 shop, La Femme Mimi, you wouldn’t guess she’s a wedding dress designer. Full of color and whimsical features, the shop is bursting with creative blouses, skirts and dresses, along with handbags and a great selection of jewelry…. Read more »

Jeweler’s journey through artistic trends of the past

The Prague Post Cartier’s exhibition links gems to the personalities who used to wear them Power. It’s a strong word conjuring up images of strength, authority and dominance to name a few. But can elegance and fashion exude power? The answer is yes, according to a new exhibition at the Prague Castle’s Riding Hall, “Cartier… Read more »