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Architecture school from the ground up

The Prague Post New institute offers degrees in English and stronger emphasis topics like city planning and monument upkeep For students who dream of high-rises and well-planned cities, a new private school in Prague may be the blueprint. The Architectural Institute in Prague (ARCHIP) plans to open its doors this October, offering bachelor’s degrees in… Read more »

Company kinder care

The Prague Post Employers, workers see advantages of company-subsidized child care Working moms and dads often find the demands of career and parenthood almost incompatible, and more and more employers are realizing that subsidized, onsite child care is not only an attractive benefit for employees, but also a way to keep productivity high, as workers… Read more »

Czech Red Tape a Big Challenge for Entrepreneurs

New York Times Christopher Robertson, the British owner of Robertson International Delicatessen, a food wholesaler and retailer with three shops in the Czech Republic, recalls the time that an American came into one of his shops to ask about its uzena zebra, which means smoked pork ribs in Czech. “The customer started asking the shop… Read more »

A hotel for all humors

The Prague Post New hotel uses technology, lighting and color to set the mood What’s your mood today? Fancy a pink-lit bedroom and breakfast at 2 p.m.? It can happen for guests at Moods, a new boutique hotel in Prague 1. “It’s completely different,” says Nah-Dja Tien, general manager. “It’s one part interior design; the… Read more »

Become a sommelier this summer

The Prague Post Moravian wines are unique and accessible, even if you only know red from white Summer is here, and if your plans call for entertaining, you’ll be looking to surprise your guests with a lovely buffet of food and drink. Wine is usually a good choice: Most people like it, and there are… Read more »

No Buds in these Suds

The Prague Post Authenticity is the name of the game for start-up brewer If baseball and apple pie are all American, then beer is all Czech. The country is known worldwide for producing some of the best beer, and Czechs seem to view it almost as a patriotic duty to treat themselves to a quality… Read more »

Out of Czech farmland, a Buddhist temple grows

Christian Science Monitor Twenty years after the fall of communism, Czechs are continuing to open up to the world. In the former Soviet satellite’s southern countryside, a Buddhist temple is being built on an old farm. Since the fall of Communism, Czechs have been discovering the world through travel and the exploration of new ideas,… Read more »

Spy Den

The Prague Post A former overlook that used to monitor Western embassies has been transformed into a museum Resembling a scene out of a low-budget James Bond movie (the ones with Roger Moore), 1970s spy equipment litters the room. There is a camera hidden in the buckle of a lady’s purse, miniature tape recorders and… Read more »

PIM Marathon Weekend 2010 PIM offers something for everyone; non-runners included One of Prague’s largest events races through town this weekend and many people often dismiss it as nothing for them. The Prague International Marathon is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and the weekend will be jam packed with a variety of activities for just about everyone; athletic or… Read more »