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Visual Prague

NileGuide Most likely, you’ll be spending a few days in Prague; soaking up the culture, tasting the food and experiencing the nightlife. But for a brief artsy rush; consider this itinerary which brings you sample highlights of some of the glorious art and architecture the city has to offer. Start your day gazing at the… Read more »

Everybody is working the weekend, by choice

The Prague Post Volunteer program seeks to help NGOs, build international connections It’s a Friday evening, and about 20 people are gathered around a food-laden table. Questions fill the air: “Where are you from? What do you do? Why are you here?” The location isn’t a pub though. It’s a Buddhist Center near Ceské Budejovice,… Read more »

Favorite Place in Prague: Vyšehrad Castle

EuroCheapo Normally, I like to visit places that are quieter and more local. But Vyšehrad (literally High Castle), Prague’s second castle, is such a wonderful (and big) place that it’s a shame more people don’t take the time to visit. It holds a special place in many Praguers’ hearts and is a must-see in my… Read more »

Buying Some Peace of Mind

The Prague Post Insurance company spokesperson says sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you Whether you want coverage for your health, your family’s security or just to ensure you enjoy your golden years, insurance is an important part of everyone’s portfolio. Marek Zeman, the director of PR and communication for AXA Czech Republic and… Read more »

Form and Function

The Prague Post New art in an Art Nouveau building: The second incarnation of the Art Forms Biennale runs the gamut from painting, photography and sculpture to performance Space as an inspiration and architecture as a backdrop are just two of the most interesting elements of the second Art Forms Biennale opening April 8 at… Read more »

Working Magic

The Prague Post Author J.K. Rowling’s charity helps Czech and Moldovan children in need A disturbing photo of a 5-year-old Czech child in a caged bed that appeared in the UK newspaper The Sunday Times in 2004 brought the Czech institutional childcare system under intense scrutiny. Author J.K. Rowling saw the photo and was horrified,… Read more »

Wine Bars in Prague From chic to cheap, goes looking for the grapes “Wine is bottled poetry,” said Robert Louis Stevenson. For those who enjoy a nice glass, perhaps with some cheese and definitely with friends there are a variety of wine bars all over pivo-obsessed Prague. Czech wines have been coming in to their own in… Read more »