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Prague: 6 Vegetarian Restaurants

EuroCheapo In the land of pork and dumplings, it’s often hard for vegetarians or anyone looking for a vegetable with their meal to find something acceptable to their palate. Never fear veg-heads, EuroCheapo bring you a round-up of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague. Lehká Hlava Borsov 2, New Town – Prague 1… Read more »

Cooperating for a swift recovery

The Prague Post Academics and businesspeople hope to find common ground at Brno forum The economic crisis has led many organizations to re-examine their priorities, and universities are no exception. As the crisis slowly comes to a close, how can businesses and universities work together to shift successfully to recovery? A European Union University-Business Forum… Read more »

The Sport of Strings

The Prague Post After more than 50 years, the European Yo-Yo Championships are back In a sport with ups and downs, things are definitely on the upswing. For the first time in 57 years, there will be a European Yo-Yo Championships, and the news gets even better, as the event is in Prague. Organized by… Read more »

Choosing Wine in Prague Red or white? It´s a simple question, but the answer is fraught with difficulties. Wine experiences in Prague can be quite horrendous with quality often dubious and a typical choice varying wildly from place to place and bottle to bottle. To help solve some of the mystery behind choosing that perfect bottle, we consulted… Read more »

Business Profile: White Agency Celebrating their fifth year of personalized wedding services, White Prague Wedding Agency believes 2010 will be a prosperous one. Co-owners Eva Keilwerth and Petra Hofman met during a university course in 2004. Keilwerth had internet marketing experience, while Hofman had event management knowledge and had coordinated weddings in the past. They worked out a… Read more »

4 tips for cheap dining in Prague

EuroCheapo Last week, we shared three Cheapo-friendly pubs in Prague. To maximize your Czech eating experience, however, there are a few more things you should know about where and when to go, as well as how much to leave for the tip. Read on to make sure you’re getting your Czech kroners’ worth! 1. Go… Read more »

Three pubs serving traditional (and cheap) meals in central Prague

EuroCheapo Prague is no longer the undiscovered, inexpensive “Eastern” European city it used to be, and prices definitely reflect the Czech capital’s popularity. City centers aren’t usually the best places to find a cheap meal, but that doesn’t mean an affordable and authentic Czech meal—complete with a yummy local beer—can’t be found. Here are three… Read more »

Aid for doctors

The Prague Post Group wants better conditions for recent graduates so fewer will leave to work abroad Long hours, low pay and the inability to choose their workplace are just a few of the reasons more and more young Czech doctors are leaving to work in other countries, where they believe conditions are better. Frustrated… Read more »