Monthly Archives: December 2009

ODS in total control of City Council

The Prague Post Resignations put ODS in full command as the accusations fly Prague City Council is now under the complete control of the Civic Democrats (ODS) after two council members resigned claiming the council is ignoring potential corruption, is noncooperative, tolerates strong-arm tactics by powerful department heads and indulges in political favoritism. The ODS… Read more »

The austerity Christmas

The Prague Post No bonus this year? The burdens of holiday shopping and economic crisis getting you down? Try one of these gifts for under 1,000 Kc Simple, but thoughtful. We always want to give gifts that show friends and family how much we care. But, with the economic crisis still looming large, and perhaps… Read more »

Bazaar puts global twist on holiday gifts

The Prague Post Diplomatic Spouses’ Association donates annual proceeds to charities   For an international twist on gift giving, hit the popular Diplomatic Spouses’ Association (DSA) annual International Christmas Bazaar Dec. 13. Now in its ninth year at the Hilton Prague hotel, the event gives you a chance to pick up some global goodies while… Read more »

Christmas in Prague 2009 Merry-making for all across the city The holidays are a time for celebration and getting together with family and friends. Prague does Christmas right with nearly every venue, no matter what its purpose, putting on some kind of event. We’ve gathered a variety of happenings here, but if you know of good party going… Read more »