Monthly Archives: August 2009

Creating a ‘moveable’ masterpiece

The Prague Post Community art project brings students together “It is sort of an art bike path of friendship.” That’s how Taťána Altová, an art education and French teacher at Děčín High School in north Bohemia, describes a recent community art project done by her students and kids from across the border in Pirna, Germany…. Read more »

Zinc Restaurant & Bar Some evenings call for a bit of intimacy. A couple cocktails, followed by a nice dinner in a secluded spot where you aren’t likely to run into any of the gang. Zinc, Hilton Prague Old Town’s replacement bar and restaurant for Gordon Ramsey’s Maze, is just the place. Ramsey made a hasty Prague exit… Read more »

Reads to Soothe (Or Is It Stoke?) the Savage Wanderlust

Tripatini Oh, I’ve got it bad. Symptoms include itchy feet, a restless mind, inability to concentrate and lots of whining about boredom. I’ve tried mini-medicating — you know, the occasional day trip. No luck. And sure, I’ve also got three-day weekends planned — but mere short-lived placebos, they. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I’ve even… Read more »

Czech Gifts and Souvenirs A round-up of local goodies: takes a look at traditional Czech crafts It’s a traveler’s problem: to souvenir or not to souvenir. Should you haul something back that in all likelihood will become a dust catcher forever on your bookshelf? Do you inflict these mementos on friends and family? For the expat, gift… Read more »

Expat Center Česká spořitelna Moving to and settling in a new country is always difficult. Any relocation involves a lot of work and research; but moving to a new country brings a whole new set of challenges. Finding an apartment, perhaps a school for the kids; maybe even a job – there´s no end to the to-do list… Read more »