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Kempinski Culture

The Prague Post New five-star hotel explodes modern into Baroque Five-star hotels seem to be popping up here faster than you can order room service. Kempinski is a well-known brand, with luxury properties around the world, including Moscow, Istanbul and St. Moritz, an exclusive resort town in Switzerland. The company likes to bill itself as… Read more »

Prague Books’s recommended reading on Prague and the Czech Republic It’s time to broaden our minds and our libraries. Specifically with books on Prague and the Czech Republic. The history and culture of this amazing country is rich and varied; and an in-depth exploration of it is a rewarding pursuit. We perused the shelves of… Read more »

Trebon It’s Easy Being Green: this South Bohemian town offers nature, beer and history for all Which Czech town would you recommend if someone wanted to tour a brewery? Plzen, probably. Looking to do a spa visit? Head to Karlovy Vary. A nice chateau? Maybe Konopište. Some place to take lovely walks? Ceský Ráj would… Read more »

Století Století means century in Czech, and that seems about how long it took me to get there. It wasn’t the first restaurant I planned to review. Nor the second, third, or even fourth. It probably ended up being number ten or something. For a while I thought this review was cursed, as after wandering… Read more »

Yoga & Pilates in Prague Whether your body could use a little more flexibility, you are looking to tighten and firm some muscles, or perhaps you are looking to connect with your spiritual self, taking a yoga or Pilates class may benefit you. We look at the variety of options in Prague. Most people are familiar with the basic… Read more »

Home Sweet Home When asked how someone got into their career field, typical answers include an interest in the business, perhaps family connections, or simply the chance to earn a good salary. From a music hobby to real estate though seems a bit of a stretch. That´s the answer you´ll get though out of Aleš Ježek, owner… Read more »

Vernon Galleries The Vernon family of art spaces is a unique group of galleries showcasing contemporary art by a range of, mostly Czech, artists. Each space has its own unique feel and mission, but all three blend beautifully to offer a special spin on the Czech art and gallery scene. Galerie Vernon ( was the first… Read more »