Monthly Archives: June 2009

Prague Forests City Nature: Finding green spaces in Prague It ain’t easy being green. Or looking for some if you live in the city. Fear not intrepid nature lovers – we’ve got a list of Prague forests and other green spaces – easily accessible by public transport. The City of Prague boasts 88 protected areas covering… Read more »

Valtice and Lednice Strolling through wine country: takes a walk through these two Moravian villages Beer pilgrims are a familiar tourist group in the Czech Republic. Visiting a brewery, tasting, (whether formerly or informally) is a popular pastime. Those who enjoy wine as well as nature lovers will appreciate a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage… Read more »

Entropa on Display David Cerný’s Controversial EU art exhibition on display in Prague The Czech Republic’s six month helm of the European Union presidency is nearly over. What will probably be the most lasting memory for most people of the reign, for better or for worse, will be artist David Cerný’s Entropa exhibition stationed in Brussels. What… Read more »

Flip Flop Travel takes a look at trading homes for the holidays You’ve got the travel bug – especially with warmer weather and the lure of holidays. Everyone seems to be going somewhere – why not you? Oh yea, it’s expensive. Maybe you can find a cheap airfare, but hotel prices in July and August are… Read more »

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Fast Lane Insider tips for summer cocktails Summer time and the livin’ is easy. Or should be anyway. Warm sunny days make us long for friends, fresh air and some outdoor eating and drinking. Planning a summer BBQ or garden party? Turn it into a fruity fun fest by serving a range of fresh cocktails…. Read more »

Upswing on Újezd

Fast Lane An exploratory walk on the Mála Strana street “It’s like a village here; we all know each other – the shops and restaurants.” That’s how Václav Žák, manager of Thai restaurant Noi on Újezd Street in Mála Strana describes his location. What might seem to be busy tourist central is actually a quiet,… Read more »

The Style Muse

Fast Lane Taking design inspiration from some unlikely locations Does your home have a certain style? Do you find yourself drawn to primary colors; sparse furnishings, or perhaps some shabby chic? Whether your personal hero is Martha Stewart or you just want something to sit on; everyone appreciates an inviting space to come home to… Read more »