Monthly Archives: July 2008

Art in Prague Paintings and Photos and Sculptures, Oh my! An overview of galleries and museums in Prague Whether you are an artsy type or just looking for a way to kill a rainy day; Prague has numerous museums and galleries sure to show your favorite genre; a traveling exhibition or maybe even introduce you to something… Read more »

Environmentally Aware Your guide to environmental organizations in the Czech Republic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Go Green! Hug a tree! Environmental slogans abound – but what’s the state of the environment in the Czech Republic, and more importantly how can you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a cleaner, greener lifestyle? We’ve all seen them on our… Read more »

Plzen Well, there’s the brewery…That was the typical response when I asked about Plzen. I got the impression that, except for the brewery, there wasn’t a lot of reason to visit the city. And if you weren’t really interested in the beer brewing process, you should keep traveling. A recent two-day visit definitely proved me… Read more »

Voting Abroad Donkey or Elephant: Information for Americans on how to vote absentee Stand up and be counted! This November, the 4th to be precise, the United States will be holding an election for their next president. With the country’s future on the line for at least the next four years, Americans would do well to… Read more »

Veg Food Carnivores are spoilt for choice when it comes to local dining options. Herbivores, or those looking to eat a bit healthier, often have to search a little harder when it comes to eating out. Veg Food (Londýnská 35,,) a new Vinohrady venue is a welcome addition to the “alternative” food scene. There is… Read more »

Flowery fun abode

The Prague Post Iris Congress Hotel blooms in Prague 10 The furnishings and colors that dominate any space can instantly give you a sense of the mood, vibes and other atmospheric conditions the owners would like you to experience. Iris — a newly opened congress hotel in Prague 10 — thrives on a bright vibe… Read more »