Monthly Archives: June 2008

Biking in the Czech Republic When & where to ride your bicycle in the Czech Republic With mild weather and relatively flat lands, plus some mountains for the hardcore amongst you; the Czech Republic is excellent biking country. The landscape is criss-crossed with well-marked and maintained biking trails, allowing you to go as far or as near as you… Read more »

For film buffs, a guide to Prague on the silver screen

The Prague Post New map details shooting sites of Hollywood movies Trivia time: In the movie The Bourne Identity, where does Matt Damon’s character attempt to spend his first night in Zurich? Correct answer: Kampa Island in Prague. Kampa is also where a car explodes, supposedly outside the U.S. Embassy, in Mission: Impossible. Prague’s scenic… Read more »

Jindrichuv Hradec The third largest castle in the Czech Republic! We were once a council town! Jindrichuv Hradeites are proud of the simple things their town offers. The castle is an excellent reason to visit, but the council town thing isn’t much use to the average visitor. Located in the beautiful South Bohemian region, Jindrichuv Hradec… Read more »

Radisson Alcron’s ageless elegance

The Prague Post New Town hotel finishes an extensive guest room renovation project What would Prague be without its history? From the people to the music to the buildings, history seeps through every cobblestoned corner. With its legendary guest register and its building homage to Art Deco, the Radisson SAS Alcron Hotel is an integral… Read more »

Camping in the Czech Republic Go jump in a lake! Roast your weenies over an open flame! Pitch a tent! Camping is fun and the Czech Republic is the place to do it. A variety of camping facilities can be found all over the country, many by rivers or lakes. Lots have showers and washrooms as well as electrical… Read more »