Monthly Archives: May 2008

Helping to keep the memories alive

The Prague Post Program looks to better educate kids on WWII horrors Anti-Semitism. Racism. Xenophobia. The Holocaust. Such subjects are sometimes just skimmed over in classroom textbooks and lectures. But one organization is hoping to change that by offering local schools access to trained lecturers and teaching materials in hopes of better educating today’s youth… Read more »

New business programs to start soon

The Prague Post Two universities to offer new degrees this fall A new school year always brings with it a sense of expectation and maybe a little apprehension for students. This fall, two schools — Prague College and Anglo-American University — will be experiencing some of those same feelings. Both are taking big steps forward… Read more »

Street Savvy: U lužického semináre U lužického semináre is probably one of the most overlooked streets in the city – and it’s a shame because there’s enough to do to keep one busy for just about the entire day. Shops, restaurants, museums and photo ops, all in Malá Strana, right next to the river. We’ll start from the end… Read more »

Energetic healing

The Prague Post Biotherapy promotes good energy flow, provides temporary relief Rufus Duffin and Elena Yamaeva are at a loss. Their son, Logan, suffers from a rare genetic disease that is slowly eating away at his cells and causing irreversible nerve damage to his tiny body. There is no cure, no known medical treatment, and… Read more »

Spirtual stretch

The Prague Post Yoga provides strength while exercising your mind, body and soul In today’s hectic world, finding time to relax, much less exercise, is often a difficult task. Work and family commitments often take chunks from our day before we even have time to schedule a coffee break. For those looking to balance mind… Read more »

Back to health

The Prague Post Newly opened facility in Prague 1 puts focus on strength training You sit at the computer all day, hunched over. You’re mildly active — does running to catch the tram count? Your neck is stiff and your lower back aches. Sound familiar? You may need some strength training. “Strength training is good… Read more »


The Prague Post One of the best ways to tour the Czech Republic is on a bicycle Going green can mean different things to different people: choosing the train over a plane, walking instead of driving, or simply reusing your hotel room towels. For those who truly want to go au naturel, you can have… Read more »

Alternative Medicine in Prague You’re antibiotic’d out; you’ve tried every pain pill known to man and still you aren’t getting better. Maybe it’s time to look into alternative medicine. What used to be considered “quack” science is becoming more and more accepted around the world. Whether you call it natural, holistic or alternative; acupuncture, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, Ayurveda… Read more »

Preschools in Prague Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic for youngsters It may barely be spring, but if you are thinking of having your child start preschool in the fall; it’s time to start exploring your options. Many schools have already hosted open houses, and depending if you are looking for a private school or hoping for your child to… Read more »