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The Prague Post Local school sets filmmakers free to create their own blockbusters Groundbreaking documentaries to Hollywood blockbusters: Most filmmakers, both amateur and professional, have big aspirations. But how does one turn these dreams into a reality and, more importantly, a box-office smash? The Prague Film School thinks it might have the answer. The intensive… Read more »

Mini program – maximum results

The Prague Post University of New York Prague hosts business program A new program offering at the University of New York Prague (UNYP) will be targeting a different kind of student — the working business professional. The two-week seminar, tailored for those associated with the emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, will launch in… Read more »

Teed Off: Golf in the Czech Republic Golf much? If you are into it, or would like to be, you’re in luck because the Czech Republic is an excellent country for the sport. Lots of courses (CzechTourism lists 124 clubs and 74 golf courses) and high-quality facilities offer both experienced players and newbies alike a good experience. Most clubs and courses… Read more »

Who says Czech scientists have a drinking problem?

The Prague Post Researcher finds that his Bohemian colleagues drink more and publish less For those of us from the United States, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is the norm. New arrivals to the Czech Republic may be surprised at the seemingly free-flowing alcohol in the office and the amount of drinking that… Read more »

Monumental disarray

The Prague Post National Heritage Institute exposes crumbling state buildings The Czech Republic boasts an extraordinarily large supply of castles, chateaux, monasteries and other spectacular national monuments. Indeed, there are numerous well-preserved landmarks with important historic and artistic value scattered across the country. Unfortunately, every region also has its fair share of dilapidated sites, where… Read more »

Simply irresistible

The Prague Post Hotel Josef is a luminous beauty How do you describe something that is, well, indescribable? Saying the Hotel Josef is “light and airy” is completely true, but that does not give an accurate picture of the atmosphere surrounding this design hotel in Old Town. “The term ‘design’ is so misused,” says Milena… Read more »

Easter in Prague Celebrate – spring is finally here! looks at Easter and spring traditions in the Czech Republic. The sun is shining (at times.) The birds are singing (most mornings.) It must be spring! Shake off the winter doldrums and burst forth into a new season. Prague and the rest of the country are getting… Read more »

From Art to Zurich

Fast Lane Exploring the Swiss center of culture and design Zurich is one of the world’s leading art trade centers. It’s home to more than 100 art galleries and 50 museums. Fourteen of these museums are dedicated to art; including the Kunsthaus Zurich (Museum of Fine Arts,) the Swiss National Museum containing the largest collection… Read more »

Tempting Tequila

Fast Lane Get to know this enticing spirit Floral, fruity, woody, spicy. Discussing fine wine? No fine tequila. With the introduction of two new tequila brands on the Czech market, El Jimador and Herradura, we thought it was time to investigate this spirit a bit further. Many myths surround the beverage. First, it’s not made… Read more »

Material World

Fast Lane Cuban designer Osmany Laffita create custom couture for all Some of the world’s best couture fashion comes out of Nižbor, Czech Republic. Hard to believe, but the small village about 50 kilometers west of Prague is where Cuban designer Osmany Laffita creates outfits for personalities around the world, including Ivana Trump and Dagmar… Read more »