Monthly Archives: August 2007

A blast from the past

The Prague Post The Czech Museum of Music acquires an original Edison phonograph For sheer novelty, there is no better viewing in town than the antique instrument collection at the Czech Museum of Music. The collection recently got even better with the addition of a prized item: an original Thomas Edison phonograph. “The phonograph is… Read more »

The last lions

The Prague Post A new view of predators that once roamed Central Europe During the last ice age, 24,000 to 100,000 years ago, Prague looked much like Siberia does today. Reindeers, wooly mammoths, hyenas and cave bears roamed the lands. There were lions as well, though exactly what sort of lions has become a matter… Read more »

A step above the rest

The Prague Post Metropol brings austere, modern style to a whole new level If you’ve strolled right past the Metropol Hotel on Národní street without popping in, you’re forgiven. The lobby and entrance of this new venue are practically hidden behind its onsite café. The reception desk is tucked away to the side; an interesting… Read more »

Medieval melodrama

The Prague Post History is on the march this month throughout the Czech Republic Central Europe has seen its fair share of history: famous kings and queens, decisive battles, influential artists and musicians. And people in the Czech Republic love to re-create historic events in a variety of festivals held across the country every summer…. Read more »