Monthly Archives: April 2007

Professional pursuits

The Prague Post Training and language knowledge are key to finding a job That elusive first job. Or second. Or third. Most would agree that starting or changing jobs ranks high in stressful life events. And, for soon-to-graduate students, leaving the comfort of university life and jumping into the “real world” can sometimes be a… Read more »

Riverside gives new meaning to ’boutique’

The Prague Post Guests can enjoying sweeping views of Prague and Vltava “Boutique” is often the adjective used to describe many shops, hotels and other specialty businesses. Frequently, however, these places don’t live up to the basic meaning of the word: small, unique and fashionable. Riverside Hotel, on the other hand, is a true “boutique… Read more »

Moving pictures

The Prague Post Leica Gallery is on the move again with film director Wim Wenders Leica Gallery Prague takes to the rails again this summer with an exhibit that opened last week at Hlavní Nádraží, the city’s main train station, featuring photos by film director Wim Wenders and his wife, Donata. This is the third… Read more »