Monthly Archives: January 2007

Heurigen Nights – Stumbling Along with Vienna’s Wine Offerings

The Traveler A popular hit song from 1930’s Austria says something along the lines of “This must be a piece of heaven – Vienna and wine…” Music, chocolate, coffee…Vienna serves up a plethora of auditory and tasteful delights for your senses. While Austrian wine may not be discussed along with French or Italian, their tributes… Read more »

Break out the ball gowns, the season is under way

The Prague Post The Slovak Ball celebrates a special cultural relationship While most people associate the ball season with Vienna and its famous social events, this stylish series of soirees is popular in the Czech Republic as well. One of the most well-known is the Slovak Ball, being held this weekend at Žofín. “The Slovak… Read more »

Flying high

The Prague Post Mövenpick Prague offers businesspeople, children a comforting place to stay There aren’t many buildings shaped like a bird’s beak in Prague. And, if you weren’t told beforehand, you might miss the resemblance the Mövenpick Hotel in Prague 5 has to a waterfowl’s bill. “Möve means gull in German,”” explains Martina Podlipná, marketing… Read more »

Stumbling along…Paris’ Ile St. Louis

Paris Eiffel Tower News Wandering aimlessly is one of my favorite vacation activities. You never know what you could stumble upon or whom you may meet. In Paris, it should be mandatory to take evening strolls through the city streets. One very special evening can be spent visiting Ile St. Louis. If you have been… Read more »