Monthly Archives: August 2006

Prague Au’Naturel

The Traveler So you’ve visited Old Town Square, watched the Astronomical Clock, saluted Sir Wenceslas and his horse. And fought the hordes of tourists doing the same. You need a break (this is a holiday after all!) some fresh air and pretty views to reenergize. It’s time to go Prague Au’Naturel. Sleep late. I’m not… Read more »

Home on the range

The Prague Post Prague Zoo is busy putting animals back where they belong It’s not on the same scale as a Jurassic Park-type of animal resurrection. But for more than 50 years, Prague Zoo has quietly been repatriating animals back to their homelands across the globe. “The role of all zoos is not only to… Read more »

Staying ahead by keeping clients happy

The Prague Post A balanced approach and creative thinking make ING a leader among developers ING Real Estate Development has been active on the Czech market since 1990. The company opened a Prague office in 1997, and has been busy in local residential, retail and office development ever since. While most of ING’s projects have… Read more »

Staying focused on the core essentials

The Prague Post Facility management conference offers new ideas on running a more efficient business It’s a bit like trying to describe an artichoke to a blind person. At first glance, it seems obvious: You know how it looks, tastes and feels. But when you start pulling off the leaves, you discover a heart and… Read more »