Monthly Archives: January 2006

Finding on female odor passes the smell test

The Prague Post Charles University researcher pulls good science out of odoriferous armpit study Dr. Jan Havlícek has either one of the best or worst jobs in the world. The Charles University anthropologist has developed a research specialty in women’s body odors — a subject about which, despite the plethora of perfumes and deodorants, surprisingly… Read more »

Comic culture

The Prague Post The Goethe Institute offers a hands-on look inside a contemporary art form It’s an art exhibit of a different kind — in every sense. The “”Comics aus Deutschland”” show currently on display at the Goethe Institute is a hands-on lesson in German culture and artistry. Arranged in the institute’s Reading Room, it’s… Read more »

Year of Jewish Culture focuses on Hebrew heritage

The Prague Post Jewish Museum reaches out with full calendar of events The Jewish community in Prague and across the Czech Republic has a past integrally tied to the country’s history. Traditionally, it has been perceived as a closed community — a view the Jewish Museum of Prague is out to change. Thus, a newly… Read more »